The new essential escapes

Icon May 29, 2018
Icon By Freddi Previte
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The launch of the new essential escapes website couldn’t have come soon enough for us. It’s been a long time coming but we needed that time to truly understand how best to channel the passion, experience and knowledge we have amassed over the 16 years since the start of the business.

Building on our success of spa and wellness holidays, and our award-winning luxury family brand, Tots Too, we decided to focus on the next chapter. In 2015, I entered into the UK’s toughest cooking show, MasterChef. Having reached the final three, it felt like a calling into the culinary world. The idea to create bespoke, culinary holiday experiences was brewing.

During research for my debut cookbook “Fress” launched in April 2017, I travelled to a few foodie destinations to pick up some inspiration. During these trips, I cooked with the locals in their homes, trawled markets to find the best produce and ate in the places recommended by the natives. The beating heart of any destination is the food. Some of our greatest memories of a place are often remembered by what we ate and offering that real insight and first-hand recommendation was something I felt really passionate about. From cooking traditional Palestinian food in Jordan, to making curry in Sri Lanka, being able to offer those experiences to clients excites me enormously.

In addition to our new culinary tours, we are taking a new approach to wellbeing. The term wellness is generic and means something different to each person. Its dictionary definition is “the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy.” Ultimately, it’s about feeling good. Our three pillars of wellness; spa, food and adventure all offer unique escapes to make you feel good. Whether it’s learning about optimal nutrition for your fitness holiday, cooking with a local in their home, or enjoying a list of the best local food haunts during your itinerary; we have it covered.

Deborah and I have been off travelling to visit some new destinations to add to the portfolio. These include Japan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Jordan. With finding the best places to eat sitting at the core of our research; we have a very impressive little black book to share with you.  We have spent time negotiating with our suppliers to offer something completely exclusive for our guests and give them the experience that will enhance and enrich their wellbeing. 

We were pioneers of the spa market in 2002, we aim to be the same in culinary travel in 2018. This is not just about capitalising on a trend; this is about a genuine passion and desire to share that knowledge with others seeking the ultimate in wellbeing.