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At Essential Escapes, we live and breathe luxury spas. Beyond the experts in our own team, we are also in touch with a network of experts in their fields, specialising in various aspects of health, beauty and wellness. This keeps us up to date on the latest and best that the world of spas has to offer. Put our expertise to the test!

Kate Dixey's Favourite Spa

Acupuncturist, Kate Dixey, picks her favourite spa:

"Kamalaya in Thailand is a stunning spa with a very special energy, built around a monks’ cave. The design and style are exquisite and the rooms are imaginatively built to incorporate rock formations.

Nothing is too much trouble for the wonderful staff there; they are thoughtful, charming and sweet natured.

Anyone would feel perfectly comfortable staying there on their own, either dining on a communal table or by themselves. There is an interesting mix of international guests.

As an acupuncturist myself, I appreciated the professionalism at the Wellness Centre, where the training was of a very high standard. My time there rejuvenated my body and soul and it is an experience that I will repeat and never forget."

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