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At Essential Escapes, we live and breathe luxury spas. Beyond the experts in our own team, we are also in touch with a network of experts in their fields, specialising in various aspects of health, beauty and wellness. This keeps us up to date on the latest and best that the world of spas has to offer. Put our expertise to the test!

Bethan Cole's Favourites

The fashion and beauty writer, Bethan Cole, chooses her favourite spas:

"I've been to a lot of recherché spas over the years - a treehouse in Bora Bora and a cave in Puglia amongst others, but I think one of my ultimate favourites is Les Sources de Caudalie spa in Bordeaux.

Location-wise tropical places are always nice when one is feeling particularly frazzled and discombobulated but the reason I like Caudalie, especially for a short weekend getaway in summer, is I am something of an oenophlle and they produce wine in an adjacent vineyard where they produce a lovely red called Chateau Smith Lafitte.

I don't believe that spas should equate with deprivation and there are also gustative delights at Caudalie which has Michelin starred food. I also like the way they incorporate wine and grape therapies into their treatments and their own brand skincare range is also excellent and packed with antioxidants.”

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