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Welcome to the Essential Escapes blog, where we give you the latest from the frontline of luxury spa holidays. We interview experts in the field of wellbeing, and bring you unique first-hand reports from discerning spa-goers, covering every corner of the globe. Read our reviews from our hardworking team of spa testers!

Healing Hands

Emma Barnett, founder of Essential Escapes, experienced the magic touch of healer Paul Lennard. She shares her story here.

“I won’t be forgetting the day I walked into a Harley Street Clinic to meet with Energy Therapist Paul Lennard. I was all prepared with my list of interview questions and yet I didn’t even get as far as taking the pen and paper out my bag. Paul wasn’t interested in talking to me, he wanted to show me the gift that has turned him into one of the most sought after healers in the country.

Paul got to work straight away, identifying immediately an acute pain in my stomach that I didn’t know I had. Paul explained that the emotional pain was evident by the physical pain and it was traced back to a particularly low point in my life. The more I spilled my emotions on the table, the more the physical pain in my stomach eased until eventually, it disappeared and I felt almost weightless in that area. This continued with a narrative from Paul that went through identifying areas of pain and linking it to events in my past that could have caused the physical discomfort. My upper body, which felt inextricably tense for most of the hour long session, couldn’t have felt more detached from my lower half, so much so that when Paul asked how my legs felt, I barely felt them. I was suprised to even learn he was holding my feet up. Paul identified a pain from a skiiing accident fifteen years ago, a low point after my father died and even managed to tap into discussions I had been having with my husband about getting a dog, a Labrador to be precise!

The range of emotions I felt over the hour was quite extraordinary. I had gone in there thinking I had no physical or emotional demons to exorcise, and yet by the end of the session I was already booking my next apppointment to continue my cleansing journey. This felt like the deepest massage I was ever likely to have and I’m pleased to say a few weeks on I still feel as light and unburdoned as I did when I left the clinic.

Put simply, Paul has a gift that is complemented by his skills in cranio sacral therapy and sport massage. He has a long waiting list, purely through word of mouth. He was even reluctant to feature in this piece but I explained that I simply cannot keep his unique therapy to myself!”

What is Energy Therapy?

Energy Therapy can heal physical complaints that conventional medicine cannot shift, by clearing the fundamental emotional cause. Paul applies a unique combination of deep tissue massage, cranio sacral therapy and Chi Nei Tsang to clear old emotional and physical traumas from the body. This therapy works on every level: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. As each of these aspects is so closely entwined, an emotional problem from long ago can be the cause of a physical problem today. Paul works in Harley Street and Belgravia in London, and also practices at Chiva Som spa resort in Thailand several times a year.

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